Galveston County Scholarship Program (GCSP)

The Galveston County Scholarship Program was established by MCF Directors to provide scholarships based on both need and merit to students who were residents of Galveston County at the time of their high school graduation. Scholarship recipients are able to take their award with them to any Texas college. These renewable one year awards were given to 39 students in 2002. The program has expanded each year since then, providing scholarships to 139 students in 2010. Since its inception in 2002, the GCSP has funded 833 of these scholarships for a total value of over 1 million dollars towards the higher education of Galveston County high school graduates in the state of Texas. 

Presently, the Foundation is not accepting new applications for the GCSP.  Scholars who currently participate in the program may reapply by completing and submitting a renewal application.