maya magal coal drops yard

Maya Magal

Modern jewellery, responsibly handcrafted

Maya Magal designs creative collections, bespoke engagement rings and one of a kind pieces.

Services at Maya Magal include jewellery making workshops and design consultation.

maya magal coal drops yard
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Unit 34, Coal Drops Yard
London N1C 4DQ

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Founder and creative director, Maya, spent years honing her craft in Hatton Garden, before opening her own studio. Today she has built a brand that applies traditional techniques to create one-off contemporary designs.

Sustainably handcrafted in limited runs by her teams of skilled jewellers, her signature organic shapes and mixing of metals can be found in all of her jewellery collections.


Services At Maya Magal:

Workshops: create your own pieces under the guidance of expert jewellers at one of Maya Magal’s workshops. Don’t miss out on the wedding band workshops or classes on crafting a faceted ring using jeweller’s wax.

Digital consultation: book in for an appointment with the knowledgeable team and receive advice on bespoke designs.



Maya Magal only work with ethically sourced and certified gemstones, and produce all their new collections from 100% recycled solid gold and silver, meaning now new mining for metal is involved.

They also offer a lifetime cleaning and care guarantee, which extends the lifespan of their jewellery, and craft their collections in measured, limited quantities to avoid over production. Find out more here.

Maya Magal jewellery collection

Reasons to love Maya Magal:

Inspiring creativity: Maya Magal encourages you to play with your jewellery collection. Layering necklaces, stacking rings, mixing silver and gold. There are no rules, just the invitation to express yourself.

Everyday use: each piece is designed to be worn, and to be worn regularly. Not just to be brought out on special occasions. Maya’s designs are effortlessly chic, and can easily be dressed up or down. The pieces feel flexible and fluid, adapting to the customer, rather than dictating the mood.

Handmade craftsmanship: each piece is lovingly designed and expertly crafted by a team of talented artisans. Maya makes handmade jewellery, at affordable prices.

Maya Magal jewellery
maya magal coal drops yard
maya magal coal drops yard